Punch It OMG Forum Basics - Posting and YOU

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Punch It OMG Forum Basics - Posting and YOU Empty Punch It OMG Forum Basics - Posting and YOU

Post  Duckbox on Thu Jul 10, 2008 12:17 pm

Posting and YOU

The forum administration team would like to inform you of your rights and privelages while you are a visitor at the Punch It OMG Forum. This is a ranting forum - a forum that promotes freedom of speech without hindrance or punishment. Admin would also like to remind every poster here to think about that very carefully and adhere to it. If you wish for free ranting without fear then it is recommended that you DO NOT post as your internet screen name, your DCL account names or any other name that could be identifiable as you. It is also recommended that if you sign up for an account that you hide your email address from public view or sign up with any old yahoo account that you just made for teh lulz.

Whether you wish to sign up for an account or not, all areas of the Punch It forum are viewable to the public. There is no 'secret harassment' going on and all that has been said is available for all to see. You may jump in any time or lurk whenever you feel like it. If you choose to sign up for a Punch It OMG Forum account then you will need a new email address for each account you sign up for. You are allowed to sign up as whatever name you wish as long as it is not racist or offensive. You are allowed to sign up for any number of accounts that you wish. As a guest you are also allowed to use any name you wish. You are also granted the option of posting as multiple names if you so desire.

While you are in the Punch It OMG Forum your identity will be protected. Your IP address and details about whom you really are will not be released under any circumstances. That is the forum's administration team's promise to you and the entire forum community.

Suggestions for your new account name

The administration suggests you sign up with a non-offensive name you find funny or even Member0XX (X being random numbers). The administration encourages you to make up funny names and witty things that other people will find amusing. If you wish to sign up as "MY HOUSE IS ON FIRE" then that is perfectly fine. Witty usernames may even be rewarded with custom forum titles. You will not usually be informed of this. Your custom title may change at any time.

Posting and you - no holds barred

Absolute freedom of speech is fine. Everyone is welcome as long as they are a member of DCL. Your worst enemy is welcome as well as your DCL-BFF. No Holds Barred means exactly that - nothing is held back. Admin will not tolerate anybody who tries to impede anybody else either. If the administration sees a poster telling others that they shouldn't post here, or in any way trying to shame others about posting here they may find themselves IP banned.

Thank you.

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