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Post  Duckbox on Thu Jul 10, 2008 11:42 am

Regarding your account

Here at the Punch It OMG Forum we don't have many rules (or any for that matter). Sign up for an account here or remain anonymous - the choice is yours to make. Name yourself whatever you want. You may use your Dragon Clan Lands account / dragon name if you so desire. Or you can use a funny name or something that you stole from 4chan. Because you're so creative and unique like that. Once you sign up and sign in you will have access to a cool shoutbox looking chat thing. Don't talk about lesbians in it because I'll take it away. SBs CLOSED. LESBIANS IN THE SB OMFG.

Regarding your avatar

This is only for those who actually care enough to make an account. If you don't want to make an account then kindly disregard this notice. Thank you.

  • Funny avatars are funny. USE THEM.
  • Max Avatar size = 150 x 150px, and a max of... I don't remember how many KB.
  • Signature Size = Be smart about this. While there aren't restrictions I don't want to see board stretching signatures and 1200px x 9000px signatures. Use your discretion. Bonus points if your avatar is a picture of somebody pointing.
  • Inappropriate avatars will be deemed inappropriate and will be subjectively purged from the system.

Regarding your mom


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