Why the hell is Maia still a mod?

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Why the hell is Maia still a mod?

Post  Samba on Tue Jun 10, 2008 8:06 am

Why the hell is Maia still a mod? Does any body know?

Maia/Philore is the one I am talking about. She has no balls at all and is very much a two-faced cow. She does it more subtly than Rose but oh is it ever noticable. You can tell her one thing and while she'll try to appease your concerns she will actually turn around and do shit-all about it. You might as well have directed your comments at your wall. She's stuck under Rose's thumb I suppose. She also claims to do so much work at the Clan and then says she has such a busy life.

If your life is so busy as you claim then fucking step down. Sometimes she just utterly vanishes altogether. What good does she do for the Clan? I never actually see her do anything. At all.


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